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Great app!

Perfect for when you forget your glasses or trying to read really small print. I love it!

Like having a new pair of eyes!

I can finally read the menu at my favorite restaurants that have small font and dim lighting! Thanks

Great App!

Wonderful and unique app! Dont need to take my glasses to restaurants anymore!!!

Better than reading glasses!!

Great app! Hubby might just have to update to iPhone 4 so he can get this app!

Great app...lots of potential

Yes it works as advertised. Worth the 1.99. Needs a few tweaks but that is another story. Perfect for dermatology in order to find skin cancer. Wow...now that is fantastic. Jerry take note and call me.

Expected more

Thus app does magnify but not any better than other free magnifiers. Im a little upset it cost me two dollars. You cant change the magnification and the light cant be turned off. You also have to hold it at an uncomfortable distance from print, not good for actual reading.

Couldnt Not Buy This!

This app is a hidden gem! Perfect for any and all times anything is hard to read. I use this almost daily for small print, dim lighting at restaurants, magnification, etc. Must buy in my opinion.

Best Ever!

Worth every penny! I can read ALL fine print, anytime! Everyone should get it. Thanks

I love it

Use this app all the time . How fantastic to be able to push & pull to magnify what Im looking at. What a find!

Most Used App of all my Apps.

This may very well be the most logical and without a doubt most used app on my phone. Perfect for menu reading, ideal for reading small serial numbers, small fonts, etc. This is a must for A/C repairmen, plumbers & appliance repairs. i use this app at least 3-10 times daily. WELL worth every penny!!!

Eye Reader is great!

This is perfect for reading play bills!!! Everyone should own it!! Great invention!!! -Ruthie

Eye Reader

Best app ever!!!! It is so nice not to have to take my reading glasses to a restaurant to read the menu any longer. I also love the light. Most restaurants are a little dark and that makes it hard to read the menu. Great flashlight also!!!!

Waste of money

Thought I was getting something special compared to free magnifiers - I wasnt. The zoom control is VERY annoying, since every time you pinch it, the zoom goes back to the starting point (no zoom). Also, the control to turn off the light - shaking the phone - disturbs the image Im trying to see. So, forget toggling the light on or off to see if it improves the image. Also, you cant freeze an image. This app loses on all counts, and I do NOT recommend it for low vision users.

Worth every cent!

Dont leave home without it. The features of the Eye-Reader make this app a no-brainer and a must have in your daily living!! Golfer girl

Great value and it works!

One if the best apps I have paid for. So many times I forget my reading glasses and/or the restaurant is too dark to read the menu. This app works on all levels with my iPhone 5! Cant wait to use it at the theater now as well. Well worth the cost! Thanks


Should be simple - turn on the built in camera flash and use the built in camera zoom. But this app is glitchy. If you touch the screen to zoom and then decide to adjust the zoom, as soon as you contact the screen it resets completely. Makes it difficult to adjust properly. Save your money.


Difficult to focus! Agree withGlitchy.

Frustrating at best

Save your money. This app does not work as advertised. I gave it one star only because it opens and the light works as it should. Other than that it does not magnify clearly or easily. Ill chalk up this $1.99 to the lessons learned acct.

This is great!

This app is great! Great for the obvious things like menu reading in candlelit restaurants, but I am using it for so many things. Reading the instructions on bottles that are too small to read and too critical not to read. Finding stuff that has disappeared under my car seats. Identifying the things that have become cat toys and migrated to dark and distant corners under large peices of furniture. Reading and photographing the model / serial number tags on appliances / furnaces / water heaters / etc. And then there was letting me find a flashlight and fresh batteries during that unexpected power outage. Great app! Really handy!

Easy to use. Great!

I love this app! Like being able to just shake phone to turn and off. Very clear zooming also. Help button is useful.

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