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EyeReader app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 1728 ratings )
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Developer: NetSoft
1.99 USD
Current version: 4.4, last update: 5 months ago
First release : 07 Mar 2011
App size: 2.02 Mb

EyeReader is a unique reading magnifier that utilizes the LED light of the the iPhone, providing a solution to the problem of reading small print in dark areas --- like reading menus in restaurants. Now optimized for iOS 11.

The LED light provides a bright light source which makes reading in low lit areas easy. EyeReader has a zoom capability by placing two fingers on the screen and then separating them to magnify the text the desired amount. Zoom in further by repeating the zoom.

The EyeReader application is not only great for reading menus, but for prescription labels, restaurant checks, credit card vouchers, PlayBills, and is a handy tool for seniors.

EyeReader provides a help button and screen which works in all screen orientations. Turn the LED light Off or On by gently shaking phone once. To Dim or Brighten the LED light, swipe one finger left or right on screen. The amount of time the LED light and EyeReader app stays on can be set in Settings/EyeReader.

To take a picture, tap the screen twice to get a Save Picture button on the screen. Pressing the Save Picture button takes a picture of the current screen and saves the picture to the iPhone for viewing under Photos and Camera. This feature is great for such applications as taking a picture of a serial number in a hard to see location. Tapping the screen twice again takes the button off the screen.

If you have a paired Apple Watch, start EyeReader on the watch and then on the iPhone. The full camera view on the iPhone displays on the watch screen as well. You can hold the iPhone under or over something and view it on the Watch. You can even view the iPhone camera in another room.

Tapping either the iPhone or Watch screen twice brings up a take picture button on both devices. You can also take a picture by shaking the watch vertically.

Note: For better experience with EyeReader on the Apple Watch, we suggest going into Apple Watch Settings under General/Wake Screen turning off Wake Screen on Wrist Raise and setting On Tap to Wake for 70 Seconds.

Keep your eye out for more from the "Silver Apps" series.

Note: EyeReader 4.0 and higher requires iOS 9.2 or higher.

Latest reviews of EyeReader app for iPhone and iPad

Great app!
Perfect for when you forget your glasses or trying to read really small print. I love it!
Like having a new pair of eyes!
I can finally read the menu at my favorite restaurants that have small font and dim lighting! Thanks
Great App!
Wonderful and unique app! Dont need to take my glasses to restaurants anymore!!!
Better than reading glasses!!
Great app! Hubby might just have to update to iPhone 4 so he can get this app!
Great app...lots of potential
Yes it works as advertised. Worth the 1.99. Needs a few tweaks but that is another story. Perfect for dermatology in order to find skin cancer. that is fantastic. Jerry take note and call me.
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